Setting up a team name for trivia teams has been a challenge always. It is very difficult to make the team agree on a single team name and set it as their team names. For such hasty situations, we have made an attempt to simplify these things and make a nicer and quicker decision..

We have made a list of some cool and exciting trivia team names. There are over 400 thrilling trivia team names to choose from. We have divided them into certain categories so you may enjoy surfing through these and finding your ideal name may also become easier.

Stay on this page to get to your ideal trivia team name.


Cool Funny Clever Trivia Team Names:

Many people want to use cool funny trivia names so that they can add the value of their family members by adding cool names behind it. As we saw many people in the world are meant to know the importance of a person if we dont have we can’t remember their home or company name so that we can easily forget so in that case many people want to use their some brand cool name so that they can easy to remember for their future purpose.

  1. All You Can Eat Pink Tacos
  2. Alternative Facts
  3. America’s Best Chance 
  4. Arnold Schwarzenegger Presents
  5. At Least we’re housebroken
  6. Awesome Sauce
  7. Bad Alibis
  8. Big Fact Hunt
  9. Bolivian Boot Weasels
  10. Bright Sparks
  11. Burritos and Strippers
  12. Champions of Life
  13. Chechnyan Moonshine
  14. Cleveland Steamers – You can use your hometown for this one
  15. Coat Hanger Dodgers
  16. Constantly Inconsistent
  17. Cooler Than Absolute Zero 
  18. Couch Potatoes with Glasses
  19. Damp Desperados
  20. Does anyone know Isaac Dix?
  21. Emotionally Fun-stable
  22. Everyone Is Playing Second.
  23. Ferret Juice
  24. Free Melania
  25. Free Thikers – Yeah right, not thinkers
  26. Good Night Irene
  27. Han Flying Solo
  28. Handsfree Lightsabres
  29. Honeymonsters
  30. Horse Choir
  31. Hot Dog Water!
  32. I Am Sofa King We Todd Did
  33. It’s Not Just A Team, It’s A Lifestyle 
  34. JFKFC – A combination of JFK and KFC
  35. Kathleen Turner Overdrive
  36. LeBron Tears
  37. Les Miserblahblahs – Making fun of a great movie.
  38. Little Lebowski Urban Achievers
  39. Lovestainz
  40. Low Slearners – Slow learners, you mean?
  41. Make Quizzo Great Again – It’s not a place, its trivia
  42. Married To Perfectionism
  43. Masters of Confusion
  44. Morning After Pilsner – The morning after pill
  45. Names are for Tombstones
  46. Not Here To Make Friends
  47. O’Lydias
  48. Octothrope Hashtag
  49. One Dad at a Time – Perfect for daddies
  50. Profound Confusion
  51. Pure Roasters
  52. Quiztie Brinkley
  53. Rasping Health Lords
  54. Really Smrt Squad
  55. Red Hot Hossenfeffers
  56. REO Quizwagon
  57. Rhymes with Orange
  58. S Team D
  59. Sacks and Racks
  60. Scott Titsgerald
  61. Shocked The Cynics
  62. Simple Minds
  63. Sizzling Wombats
  64. Slaw Bombs
  65. Smartness Overload 
  66. Smarty Pants
  67. Smelly Cats
  68. Smrt Team
  69. Snarknado – Wordplay on the movie “Sharknado.”
  70. Strangers with Candy
  71. Super Cool Party People
  72. Take Off Your Pants and Jacket – This is supposed the other way around
  73. Tea Pigs
  74. The Be Sharps
  75. The Big Fact Hunt
  76. The Golden Snitches
  77. The Greatest Show on Stools
  78. The Jeo-PARTIES
  79. The Mindbenders
  80. The Most Educated People In The Room 
  81. The Nation of Quizlam
  82. The Party Planning Committee
  83. The Quizz Rags
  84. The Simpsons
  85. The Smartest Guys in the Room
  86. The Test Eagles
  87. The Town’s Only Intellectuals 
  88. The Trivia Pursuits – Or you can say the Trivia ”
  89. The Trivia Troupe
  90. The Wise Quackers – A lot of talking but it is knowledgeable
  91. Touched By an Uncle – A play on the Christian series “Touched by an ”
  92. Trump University Valedictorians
  93. Twisted Misters
  94. Uncle Tom’s Cabin Rental Company
  95. Universally Challenged
  96. Vicious Trollops
  97. We Drink and We Know Things
  98. We Got The Funk
  99. We Need No Name
  100. We’re Single Text Us After
  101. We’re With the Band
  102. Whiskey Business 
  103. Who Wants Moustache Rides?
  104. Who’s Your Daddy and What Does He Do?
  105. You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat

Funny Trivia Team Names

There may be teams who wish to have funny team names for a purpose or because of the aim of providing an entertaining session. These funny team names are devised carefully while considering the ethical norms of the society and the other ethnic and racial groups of the world as well. These names do not hurt any person or group of people intentionally.

Funny trivia team name are one of the most sensible name that can help the user to add funny thing behind the brand name as we see many people have their fake name of funny name for every company why those people use those name to their company many people have different mindsets based on their mindset they used to remember those name so that they create some unique or funny name that can help them to remember easily that name may not be forgettable.

Have a glance at this list of exciting trivia team names.

  1. 30 Years from Now, You’ll Look like Us
  2. Abu Hamza’s Sock Puppets
  3. Agatha Quiztie
  4. Alternative Facts 
  5. And In First Place 
  6. Barse Taff
  7. Better Late than Pregnant – Are we referring to the monthly cycle
  8. Brazilian Wax
  9. Bribed the Quizmaster
  10. Bros Before HoHoHo’s
  11. Bruce Jenner-talia
  12. Bruce Willis Was Dead The Whole Time
  13. Bruised Eyelids
  14. Can We Use A Lifeline?
  15. Cecil Goes to the Dentist – Killer of Cecil the lion was a dentist.
  16. Clueless
  17. Depressed Teachers, Happy Parents
  18. Designated Drinkers – After the popular series “Designated ”
  19. Donald Trump’s Barber Shop
  20. Drakes on a Plane
  21. Dumbledore’s Army 
  22. E = MC Hammer
  23. Ebola Response Team
  24. Elvis Parsley – The late Elvis Presley
  25. Forrest Dump –From the movie “Forrest Gump.”
  26. F-Troop
  27. Google it 
  28. Got Excited and Quizzed Ourselves
  29. Hairy Salamanders
  30. Halal, Is It Meat You’re Looking For? – Hello, is it me, you’re looking for.
  31. Hipster Cool Coffee
  32. Honey, I Shrunk the Quiz – Reference to the 1989 American comic science fiction film; “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids.”
  33. I Swear to Drunk Officer I’m Not God
  34. I Thought This Was Speed Dating
  35. I‘m Glad I Didn’t Shave
  36. In Dog Beers, We’ve Only Had One
  37. It’s Not Small; It’s Just Trivial
  38. Jimmy Savile’s Inner Child
  39. Just the Tip  a game nobody wins
  40. Large Lybia Lodged in My Larynx – Rhythm with words that start with “”
  41. Laxative Effects
  42. Les Quizerables – After the famous movie “Les ”
  43. Let’s Get Quizzical
  44. Let’s Get Ready To Stumble – This is for the drunkards
  45. Master Debaters
  46. Menace to Sobriety
  47. Mind Bogglers
  48. My Drinking Team Has a Trivia Problem
  49. My Drinking Team Has A Trivia Problem
  50. My Grandma Can’t Wrestle, but You Should See Her Box
  51. My Husband Waxes Me
  52. My Trivia Partner Doesn’t Know This Is a Date
  53. Norfolk Enchants
  54. Not Aborted
  55. Pabst Smear Ribbon – The Ladies Pap Smear test
  56. Periodic Table Dancers
  57. Pink Freud
  58. Quizlamic Extremists – Fanatical Quiz Extremists
  59. Quizlamic State – like Iran, the Islamic state.
  60. Quizmaster Ross Pees Sitting Down
  61. Quizteama Aguilera – Like Christina Aguilera, the artist
  62. Quiztema Aguilera
  63. Quiztopher Quiztofferson
  64. Red Hot Trivia Peppers – Instead of the normal red hot peppers
  65. Rehab Is For Quitters
  66. Rhymes With Orange
  67. Robert “Got No” Dinero
  68. Shazam’s Girlfriend – ISIS
  69. So How About This Weather
  70. Sofa Kings Smart – relaxed and smart
  71. Stephen hawking’s School of Dance
  72. Surgeon stole my Sandwich
  73. Taco Police
  74. Tequila Mockingbird
  75. The Big Fact Hunt –Which is what trivia is all about
  76. The Holy Hand Grenades
  77. The Kidney Stones
  78. The Pheasant Pluckers
  79. The Quizzard of Oz – A play on the “Wizard of ”
  80. The Return of Gadhafi
  81. The Scrambled Eggheads
  82. The Think Tank 
  83. The Three Must Get Beers – Imitating “The Three Musketeers”
  84. Thinking Caps and Drinking Pants – Funny rhythm
  85. This Beer Tastes Like I am not Going To Work Tomorrow
  86. This Was Embarrassing
  87. Titanic Swim Team – If they had, maybe the Titanic wouldn’t have sunk
  88. Titanic Was the First Ice Water Challenge
  89. Trivia Newton John – In honor of Isaac Newton-John
  90. Trivia Now, Insanity Later
  91. Trivia Tramps 
  92. Triviaholics 
  93. TriviYeah 
  94. Urethra Franklin – After the Queen of Soul, “Aretha Franklin”
  95. Village Idiots
  96. Walking, Talking Stephen Hawkings – The rhythm of words is beautiful
  97. We Got 99 Problems, and this Quiz is at the top of the list
  98. We Paid For Trivia And All We Got Was Drunk
  99. We Should Go to Rio. I Hear It Is Easy to Score On Brazilians
  100. We Thought This Was AA
  101. We Thought This Was Speed Dating 
  102. We’d Be Better Trivia Players, but we’re Too Busy Having Sex
  103. We’re Googling Everything
  104. We’re HIV Positive ….About Our Answers – Meaning they are serious about their answers. Like dead serious!
  105. We’re only here for the free water
  106. Whiskeypedia  Encyclopedia on alcohol
  107. Who Let The Moms Out? – Actually, “Who lets the dogs out?”
  108. Who’s Bilbo Baggins?

Creative Trivia Team Names

You may also wish to have a creative and metaphorical team name for your trivia team. Such names, with hidden meanings and thoughts, are ideal for people as they might create a nice and cool impression on people. Such names attract people towards your team and help to impose a nice first-hand impression on people.

Do u know the in today’s they are many people who are creating their different creative trivia names so that they can have their own unique basically everyone have their own idea to create on trivia team name but some of them got success with good and brand name but many people may not know which name is suitable for their trivia name so that we are here to give some idea on trivia name so that u may create own creative team name for ur family and other people.

Have a look at these exciting and creative trivia team names.

  1. 60% of The Time, We Win Everytime!
  2. A Dork Says “What”
  3. Actrivia
  4. Alternative Facts
  5. And In First Place with 250 Points
  6. Anne Frank’s Hide and Seek Club
  7. Anti-trivia intelligence
  8. Bad Hombres
  9. Barackoli – Michelle Obama’s Favorite Vegetable
  10. Batman and Throbbin’
  11. BeerSmart
  12. Blue Man Understudies
  13. C U Next Tuesday
  14. Chaos From Order
  15. Collective Fools
  16. Colors That End in Urple
  17. Crystal Methodist – Crystal Meth, you mean?
  18. Danger Is Our Middle Name
  19. Epic Failures
  20. Fat kids always win at See-Saw 
  21. Festivus for the Rest of Us
  22. Google Us
  23. Hakuna Your Tatas
  24. Hold Me Closer Tony Danza – Instead of “hold me closer tiny dancer.”
  25. Hurricane Irma Gerd
  26. I-Qaeda
  27. It’s Always Funny in Philadelphia
  28. Ithering Blidiots – It is supposed to be “Blistering ”
  29. Jesus Is coming, look Busy
  30. Jesus Saves, Gretzky on the Rebound… Scores
  31. Johnny Cash Was Not a Pay Toilet
  32. Legends of Filth
  33. Living in a Con-Dem Nation
  34. Low Expectations
  35. Master Minds
  36. Menopause Is a Great Contraception.
  37. Mental Hygiene
  38. Meth Lab Einstein’s
  39. Missing a comma
  40. Muncie Indiana Liberation Front
  41. My Harry Potter Has Hogwarts
  42. My Other Outfit Is a Onesie
  43. Necrofeelin’ Good
  44. Nerds in Flannel
  45. Nobody Puts Swayze in a Coffin
  46. One Wheel Short of a Unicycle
  47. Our 4th Man is in Labour
  48. Panty in a Jar
  49. Queefer Sutherland – Its actually Keifer Sutherland, the “Designated Survivor” actor
  50. Quizee Rascals
  51. Quizzly Bears – Grizzly bears
  52. Risky Quizness – Risky Business, I suppose.
  53. Show Me The Monet.
  54. Slothstronauts – Sloth is a slow animal, imagine one who is an astronaut?
  55. Stevie Wonder’s Driving School
  56. Straight Out of Wiscompton – An addition of the word to the film “Straight out of ”
  57. The Delicate Sound of Hunger
  58. The Hindenburg Ground Crew
  59. The Knights of Hammelot – As we recall, it is “the knight of ”
  60. The Member berries
  61. The Ouija Board Gave Us All The Answers – For those who believe in the mystical
  62. The Spanish Inquisition
  63. The Team Who Must Not Be Named
  64. Tinder FC
  65. Trivia Nazi
  66. Trivia Tramps – Intelligent geeks
  67. We know It All
  68. Winterfell and It Can’t Get Up
  69. Worse Than Nickleback
  70. You’re a Quizard, Harry – The famous Harry Potter, a wizard.

Not-Clean Trivia Team Names

Here is a list of some bad trivia team names. These names are not recommended to you as these do not have good meanings and also destroys your fan base adversely. These names are harsh and ethically spoiled.

Have a look at these names to be aware of the nit-clean trivia team names to protect your team from harsh teams.

  1. 5 Girls and 4Skin
  2. Black C*ck Down
  3. Busta Hymen and the Penetrators
  4. Buster Hymen and the Youngbloods
  5. Camouflage Condoms – She Never Saw Us Coming
  6. Cervix Bruisers
  7. Condoms and Rattlesnakes – Two Things I Don’t F*ck with
  8. Cunning Linguists
  9. Elton John Is Great On the Piano but Sucks on Organ
  10. I Came on Eileen
  11. I Used to Be a Tight End, but Now I’m a Wide Receiver
  12. It’s a Game of Inches, Just Ask Your Wife
  13. It’s Only Cannibalism If You Swallow
  14. Jesus Is Coming, but He Pulls Out
  15. Lesbian Barbie Comes in Her Own Box
  16. Monica Loves “Clinton-Dix”
  17. Mother F*cker Overs
  18. Multiple Scorgasms
  19. Nine Inch Males
  20. Oedipus and The Motherf*ckers
  21. Our Couch Pulls Out, but We Don’t
  22. Phil Ate Me
  23. Quiz in My Pants
  24. Raped by Dolphins
  25. Rumple Foreskins
  26. Save a Tree, Eat a Beaver
  27. Sex, Drugs and Sausage Rolls
  28. She’s Gone from Suck to Blow
  29. Spooning Leads to Forking
  30. Tasteful Side Boob
  31. The Gentleman’s Throbbing Chomper
  32. The Kids R. Kelly Peed On
  33. They Hate Us, Cuz They An*s
  34. Waiting for the Bartender’s T*ts to Fall Out
  35. We Like to Come from Behind
  36. We’re Not Ashamed of What We Did for a Klondike Bar

Harry Potter Trivia Team Names

If you have a trivia team and you are a harry potter fan, then this section is especially for you. You can name your team with some exciting and energizing harry potter trivia team names. These team names are thematic and metaphorical with an exciting metaphorical and trivial touch.

Check out the following list of harry potter trivia tram names below.

  1. 2 Girls, House Cup
  2. 3 Bitches and a Buckbeak
  3. Founders of your Forbidden Forest
  4. Fred WAS the funnier twin
  5. Griffindorks
  6. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of dat ASS!!
  7. Harry Twatter
  8. Hungry, Hungry Hippogriffs
  9. If we don’t win, I’m suing Stormy Daniel Radcliffe
  10. I’ll suck your dick for a QUIDditch
  11. It’s not Herpes; it’s just Hogwarts (71 points)
  12. I’ve got 99 problems but a snitch ain’t one
  13. Madame Hooch taught us how to grip our broomsticks
  14. Moaning Myrtle and her Chamber of Secrets
  15. Sirius Sluts
  16. Slytherin Just the Tip
  17. Snapes on a plane
  18. Ten “pints” to Gryffindor
  19. The Muggle is Real
  20. We don’t give a Hufflefuck
  21. We’ll build a wall and make the mud bloods pay for it! 
  22. We’ll whomp your willow

Political and Current Event Quiz Team Names

Let’s have a look at the team names for your quiz teams. These team names are dedicated to the political and current situation quiz teams. There are relevant words and phrases involved in these exciting and cool team names.

They are many people in the world are creating their funny political name so that they can easily make fun on them. As I see many people are using the famous personality name so that they can make their name as the unique name we have many top personalities in the world who came around to have their team name with the public.

Check out the list of the team names for quiz teams.

  1. Barack Obama Zombie Hunter
  2. Barack Paper Scissors
  3. Baracky Horror Picture Show
  4. Barrack Also Beats Paper
  5. Bill Cosby and the Quaaludes
  6. Blowing Our Own Trump-et
  7. Clintoria Busters
  8. Donald Trump For President….of China
  9. Donald Trump’s Combover
  10. Donald Trump’s Hair Force One
  11. Donald Trump’s HairPeace in the Middle East
  12. Donald Trump’s Tiny Hands
  13. If Trump Wins, There Will Be Hell Toupe
  14. If We Don’t Win, It’s Rigged
  15. Immigrants for Donald Trump
  16. James Comey Is My Homie
  17. Lockerroom Talkers
  18. Lockheruppers
  19. Melania’s Open White House
  20. Michael Vick’s Famous Puppy Chow
  21. No-manners
  22. Obama’s Mamma’s Llamas – Nice rhythm of words
  23. Obama’s Stimulus Package
  24. Pence On The Fence
  25. Rootin Tootin’ Raspberry Putins
  26. Sean Spicer’s Alternative Facts
  27. Smart You-Know-What’s for Trump
  28. Team Covfefe
  29. The Soon-to-be Well-Employed Bricklayers
  30. Triviators for Trump
  31. Trump and Putin Sitting In a Tree
  32. Trump Listens to Nickelback
  33. Trump the Team
  34. Trump University Alumni
  35. Upper finger

Female Trivia Team Names

  1. Bed, Bath, And Your Mom
  2. Better Looking Everyday 
  3. Breast Friends 
  4. Call Mom a Cab
  5. Christian Girls Keep It Tight for Jesus
  6. Cougars Incorporated 
  7. Dearest Sisters
  8. Denver Momelet – Reminiscent of Omelet
  9. Diamond Girls 
  10. Digital Divas 
  11. Drunk Wives Matter
  12. Fallen Angels 
  13. Feisty Females 
  14. Former Miss Worlds 
  15. Free Birds
  16. Girls, Manterrupted 
  17. How I Met Your Mother
  18. I Got It From My Momma Good Genes
  19. In One Ear and Out Your Mother
  20. Kicking Like Mothers
  21. Kid Tested, Mother Approved
  22. Like Mother, Like Daughter
  23. Me, You and Your Mom
  24. Momma Said Make You Strike Out
  25. My Mom Made Me Do It
  26. Nacho Mommas
  27. Operation Hot Mother
  28. Pitch Mamas
  29. Sexy Mother Ballers
  30. The Beyoncé Knows-It-All
  31. The Ones Your Momma Warned You About
  32. The Quizens
  33. The Real Housewives of ISIS
  34. The Yummy Winners 
  35. Trivia Empresses 
  36. Trivia In Style 
  37. Trivia Wives 
  38. Trivia’s Angels 
  39. Yo Momma!
  40. Your Mom’s Illegitimate Children
  41. Yummy Mummies – Not bad sound to the ear

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